I have been asked a lot lately about the difference between a clear and an AB crystal.

Well AB stands for Aurora Borealis (the famous Northern Lights) so you know it must be super special! AB is an iridescent coating that gives the crystal a beautiful iridescent sheen, which basically means it is extra sparkly and iridescent!

The AB crystal with the iridescent coating will give off tones of gold, pink and blue which will pair well if brides have any of these colours incorporated into their gown or bridal bouquets.

Clear crystals are completely colourless and remain transparent. Clear crystals are ideal for brides who want a clean, pure look. Clear crystals work well with bridal gowns that already have any type of beading or embellishment.

If you need any further assistance on which crystal is right for you drop us an email ( or call us on 0417666559.


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