Gift Giving

Gift giving, especially when talking weddings, can be be a confusing time for all concerned. So although anything goes these days, here is a quick run down on who buys gifts for whom…

Bride – Traditionally the bride will present her maid/matron of honour and bridal party (bridesmaids, flower girls etc) with a gift at the rehearsal dinner or upon being invited to be in the bridal party. Gifts can include items like jewellery that the bride would like each maid to wear on the big day or organising a relaxing spa day to ensure each maid looks and feels her best before the Wedding. The Bride, traditionally, also covers the cost of any flowers that her attendants will carry down the aisle.

Bridesmaids – Traditionally the bridesmaids (together or separately) will give the bridal couple a Wedding Gift and throw the Bride a “Shower” in which gifts are given to help the Bride start her married life. Traditional gifts like cookbooks and kitchen equipment are still extremely popular however, if the couple have lived together for a number of years, smaller more personal gifts are appropriate.

Remember that setting a budget will ensure that expenses are kept in check and that all parties should only offer what they feel comfortable contributing.


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